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Episode 6: In search of the Blue Meconopsis and Bloom in the Park 2018
June 04, 2018 Inky Leaves
This fortnight I am joined by botanical artist Elaine Moore-Mackey who has been one of the organisers for this year's Bloom in the Park which is open until June 16th 2018. My interview with Elaine is at about 13 minutes into the recording if you want to fast forward.

The episode begins with my trip to Scotland as I travel up north in search of Blue Meconopsis flowers for my latest project 'Blue Flower'. I start speaking at about 4 minutes in. The sounds are of my journey up to Perthshire and from the places I visited including Cluny House and Gardens, the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh and the Explorer's Garden as well as some more time spent in the bluebell woods. As always, there is a little sound snippet right at the end

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